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Opensignal, 26 November 2020:

Palapa Ring Has Successfully Improved Mobile Connectivity In Remote Indonesian Islands

AEC News Today, 15 October 2019:

Jokowi's Palapa Ring Sees Indonesia Fully Digitally Connected

TeleGeography, 01 June 2018:

Palapa Ring II Completion

OpenGov (Indonesia), 01 March 2017:

Installation Of Nationwide Fibre-Optic Network In Indonesia To Be Completed By 2019

Jakarta Post (Indonesia), 02 November 2015

(Article by Andreas Sommer):

Indonesia ICT Sector Assessment, Outlook

Jakarta Globe (Indonesia), 21 May 2015:

Broadband Connectivity Gets Cash Injection

TeleGeography, 12 December 2014:

Minister Says State-Backed Telkom To Drive USD24bn Broadband Expansion

Daily Social (Indonesia), 16 October 2014:

Indonesia Broadband Plan to Develop High Speed Internet for the Next Five Years

Jakarta Post (Indonesia), 16 October 2014:

Telkom To Spend USD3.7bn On broadband

Jakarta Globe (Indonesia), 16 October 2014:

Indonesian Govt Launches USD23b Broadband Access Plan

State Ministry of National Development Planning (Kementerian PPN / Bappenas) (Indonesia), 15 October 2014:

Kementerian PPN/Bappenas Luncurkan Rencana Pitalebar Indonesia 2014-2019 (Bahasa Indonesia)

Ministry of Planning/Bappenas Indonesia Launches Broadband Plan 2014-2019 (English Translation)

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