Cook Islands Niue

Press and other Releases

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 24 September 2020:

Digital Dream Realised As Cable Finally Goes Live

Submarine Telecoms Forum, 22 July 2020:

Manatua Consortium Confirms One Polynesia Fibre Cable Ready to Light up the South Pacific

Government of the Cook Islands, 12 December 2019:

Telecommunication Act 2019

Government of the Cook Islands, 12 December 2019:

Telecommunication Market Competition Policy 2019

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 13 May 2019:

Survey Work Starts On Manatua Cable Project

Submarine Telecoms Forum, 20 November 2018:

SubCom Announces Manatua Cable System Contract Is In Force

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 7 February 2018:

Tender Open For Telecoms Cable Project

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 17 January 2018:

Manatua Project Set To Start

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 18 December 2017:

$15m Loan For Submarine Cable Link

The Coconet TV, 5 September 2017:

New Connection In The Pacific

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 19 June 2017:

Submarine Cable Ready By 2019

Newsie, 15 June 2017:

PM Announces Support For Niue

TeleGeography, 10 March 2017:

Treaty For Manatua Submarine Cable Signed

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 24 October 2016:

Govt Has Cheaper Net Cable Solution: Brown

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 21 September 2016:

Govt To Open Up Telecoms Market (New Zealand), 10 February 2016:

New Hope For Hawaiki Or Bluesky Cable After Pacific Island Leaders Meet In Auckland

Cook Islands News (Cook Islands), 9 February 2016:

Cook Islands Commits To Improve Connectivity

Pacific Islands Report (Cook Islands), 30 January 2016:

Cooks PM In New Zealand For Submarine Cable Talks

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